Look who the Hot Weather called up to come over and play !

Scared the shaz out of Sadie, and I, well lets just say my countless hours of Discovery and Science Channel kept me at bay.

The Gods are not happy...

Some epic photography of the Iceland Volcano below...
found these on a British website.

FlapJack dump

Was backing up my files and thought I would share these from two years ago. 
more to come...

12 hours of Sebring

This weekend is the start of the 2010 American Le mans series.  To kick things off they have an awesome 12 hour race in Sebring Florida.  With the likes of Porsche Ferrari, GM, Acura, Peugeot, all fighting on the same bumpy old airport tarmac.  Since I don't live anywear near that wonderful state of epic American racetracks, I'm going to watch it on TV.  Yep, 12 hours is a long time and I'm not going to miss any of it.  Sat 7:00am Pst on SPEED... WATCH IT ! 

after 12 hours it can come down to the last lap.


pretty good onboard with Porsche


Never open a SMOKER type BBQ with friends near by.

Going Fast. Tracktard premier.

bottom of the list again....
but, I was Faster ! 

You may be asking, what lesson did I learn here.
Suspension, lightweight wheels, slick tires, various racing equipment cost THOUSANDS $$$$$
Learning HOW TO drive fast.... Priceless!

So many friends and co workers have been wondering what happened to my hand last month...

I awake from hibernation

Let's all celebrate..... I did it, It was hard, tempting at times, and down right dirty, but I waited over a whole year between posts!