This may or may not have happened...

While driving home through the mountains last night,
this may or may not have happened...

house things

Yep, this pretty much happens all the time.

so that happened....

Washing a soapy wine glass, while distracted by a Formula 1 Race on TV, To my luck this time it's not my money maker hand and can still draw. Sadie says.. "You can't do women's work, or two things at once."

Camp Lazlo dump part 1

Moved some boxes around in the garage and these jumped right out of their folders ran past me into the house and onto the scanner. So for those few Camp Lazlo fans that post comments on my blog, this is for you! Enjoy or ....I guess be bored, I'll draw new things some day.

Though these are copies, they are still nothing short of incredible. The wonderfully talented Art director Sue Mondt, and amazing bg painters Chris Roszak, Dominique Blaskovich, Dennis Durrell, Kelly Chan, and Kaz Aizawa . A few of their traditional paintings of camp below. Will post some bg rough layouts soon.