Track Day Instructor

Here is a good example of just how things are done at the Streets of Willow race track in Willow Springs Rosamond. This is my instructor in my same car (wrx STI) from last year September doing a few laps Counter Clockwise. You can see on lap 2 how much more confident he enters the bowl at the top of the hill, when he closes in on the lotus and miata. You're supposed to approach this at over 100 and the fact that left hand hairpin is banked keeps you from flying off into orbit. Though I did the fastest times in the novice group until I get the courage to approach the bowl that committed, I'll never see a faster lap.
This is how things looked in my car but with more tire squeal, Panic, and sweaty palms. Will bring gloves and bigger balls next time!


that's hugo said...

So you're saying that the hours and hours spent playing video games don't prepare you for the real thing? Dang, then maybe I'm not truly ready to take on an army of Zombies... Sad! Welcome to the blogs BTW!

Anonymous said...

Wow...Grand Turismo 5 is coming out soon. I think I will play that instead.

MARILLA said...

..I think I want to control my car better, so I should learn from you..!!.guess what,,, I will get a mini cooper, with STICK shift! of course,!