Ollie Johnston estate

Last may, while flipping through a penny saver, possibly by fate I found this "Estate Sale Famous animator La Canada Flintridge", assuming it was Ollie Johnston, and I had never got the chance to visit with him at his house, I jumped at the chance to visit his home. Once there, it felt more like leeches rummaging through the Johnston's belongings. It didn't feel right, who were these people didn't they know who this man was? I saw a few fellow animators but mostly the flea market type. Ollie needed assisted living and had left a few months prior. The proceeds went to his care I assume. So I took this chance to photograph his home and show those who don't know the way his mind worked at home. I apologize to any one in advance that may be offended I too feel sad just looking through these images, however I was more astonished and mesmerized by Ollie's sense of engineering and love for building things, especially the trains.

Uh oh...Animation Fan?
His own blueprints and sketches to build parts and spec scaled down cars for the train.

His Playground, If I had the room in my backyard I would make a track to test my toys.

Thats a lot of sap in there..


Armen said...

Good to see your stuff out here!

Matt Williames said...

wow man-- I heard about this the day after it happened. I know what you mean about it feeling wrong. It felt weird to me too... anyway, great to find your blog and hope I run into ya one of these days!